{Friday’s Featured Session} Kaz’s 9 Months

For starters, I love this family.

Kaz was my very first newborn. I have watched him grow since the very beginning and love every single moment I get to spend with him. A few days before we got together to snap a few for his 9-month milestone, he got very quick and was on the move. OH SHUCKS! It made me feel like he was growing too quickly, and I’m not even his momma! ❤

Here are a few shots from his session. Notice the adorable faces. Ohhhhh babylove!

30 Day Challenge | Day 16, Balance


I started reading up on this last night, knowing I have been struggling the last few days with the challenges because they are so new to me. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to find some balance. My mom and I took a stroll to the local library for an hour or so and I just shot around. Got a few really cool pics (I’ll save those for another blog post) and  then headed home. I really tried to focus on getting balanced images but found that the majority of them weren’t just balanced, they were symmetrical. I pulled up in

30 Day Challenge | Day 15, Colored Water Drops



These challenges turn me into a MONSTER! With reading about it, learning it, and then doing it… some take me a few hours and it’s still not what I envisioned.

I originally tried this with glass from a picture frame, makeshift toothpick water dropper, and some flowers. FAIL.

Then I went outside and tried spraying down a plant and getting the sun to create color in the water drops. FAIL.

Came back inside, propped up my glass with about 30 boxes and used crayons as my subject. FAIL.

I was losing hope, and then said, “What the heck?” and ran outside to turn the hose on. Cranked my shutter speed higher than ever before and snapped away.

Today I realized I may have a vision, but sometimes it takes more practice than you can fit into 24 hours to make that vision come true. For now, I suppose I’ll settle with this image. But I’ll be back at a later date with my original idea in full force.


30 Day Challenge | Day 4, Texture



Today’s challenge was textures. Remember when I said I was excited to learn about things I was unfamiliar with? I AM! So since I have no experience in adding textures in my usual post-processing, this was new and exciting! There are SO MANY ideas and styles and looks to choose from, it was hard to decide. In the end, I decided on the silver gritty look, just because I liked the cool tones and warm tones mixed in this image.

Definitely something I will dilly dally with more, and I can’t wait for the remainder of the challenges!