{Friday’s Featured Session} Charlie & Maggie

Charlie was one of the leaders for a while in the Charming Child contest and as soon as I saw his picture, I knew I had to take some of him as well. I had no idea his sister was a little princess!  She was seriously the most well-behaved youngster I had ever met. Very natural in front of the camera and such a doll!

MaggieCollageSee what I mean? =)

Here are a few others from the session.


{Friday’s Featured Session} The Wright Ladies

I always tell myself to try something new. I’m still discovering what makes my heart flutter when I photograph it. I’m still finding my niche. I’m still full of ideas and things I want to accomplish, like, yesterday. So I figured, I shoot outdoors in the greenery all the time. Let’s try something different. Let’s shoot in a quaint little downtown area. And guess what? I LOVE IT!

Working with these three sisters was fantastic. Even with crazy hectic schedules they were able to get together and model for me… and just in time for a Mother’s Day surprise!

Not to mention, it was my first set of female twins and I was super pumped. I know, corny, but still. I love when twins don’t necessarily look identical. I love the individualism of each one. I love my job. I love what I do. And these girls made me love trying new things.

Here are a few of my favorite images:

30 Day Challenge | Day 6, Low Angle



Today’s challenge? Shooting from a low angle. I have always preferred a high angle, but while I was sitting in the recliner in our living room, I happened to glance up at the flowers my husband and oldest daughter brought home for me yesterday. And saw them from… A LOW ANGLE! So I took a shot. Changed the editing a bit from my norm so I could see it in a completely different way. And BAM. Here you go!



30 Day Challenge | Day 5, High Angle



Kendall in the morning? A bit of a grump. Can’t blame the cutie, her momma isn’t much of a morning person either. But none of that matters when you have two girls. =)

So anyways, because I love snapping away at random, daily moments in my life, I decided to take my high angle shot bright and early. Sadly, I had a busy day and forgot to post until right now. So much for taking care of business in the AM…

Typical breakfast: sausage, scrambled eggs, and shredded cheddar.

Typical morning: the girls awake for five minutes and toys are scattered everywhere (as seen in the back on the couch) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m blessed.

❤ Ashley

30 Day Challenge | Day 3, Black & White


I woke up this morning to the sound of my 1-year-olds little flat feet getting off her bed and running towards her bedroom door. She was wide-eyed and bushy tailed, so after breakfast we played a little game of peek-a-boo in our living room. The perfect wy to start the day. I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot while we were playing, resulting in this image. Melts my heart. I absolutely love my girls.


{Friday’s Featured Session} Cole

First off, I know it’s only Monday, I swear! But he’s too cute, I just simply couldn’t wait until Friday. With that said, here we go!

The first annual Charming Child Contest went very well! I was able to see a variety of super adorable little ones and get a lot of interaction from parents and their family and friends. There is nothing cuter than chubby cheeks! So when Cole was my winner, I couldn’t WAIT to get together with his mom, Tiffany, and take his pictures! Here are a few from the chilly day at the park.

{Friday’s Featured Session} Tara & Alex

You missed engagement photos? No worries, I will do NEWLYWED photos!

Tara and Alex have a very romantic and touching story, and I couldn’t wait to capture the love they share.  Crazy Michigan weather said it would be 40* and party cloudy. Chilly, but doable. Unfortunately, the wind was 30MPH and it was about 4* outside. Good news is I get to meet with them again when it gets a bit warmer. =)

After nap time.

My girls. My two lovely little ladies. The two girls that make me smile every single day. I seriously can’t say enough about them, but I can tell you they are growing too darn fast.

I snapped a few of my 10-month-old this afternoon as she was waking up from her nap. Red forehead and all. Enjoy, folks!

Stacie Jensen Photography, LLC - FREE COLLAGE TEMPLATE

All set to send.

With help from my second shooters, Geri of Sei Bella Photography by G. Menna and Mer of Photography by Meredith Keith, I shot my first very own wedding. The wedding of a former co-worker, Lindsay, and her fiancé, Corey. Yes, I love love! ❤ Anyways, I received their prints in from my print lab today and am blown away by how stunning this couple is. Really, they could have been photographed in paper bags and still been jaw-dropping. Soooooo since I just put together my first wedding package I figured I’d share a few photos of what they can expect to receive in the mail in just a few days!

Wedding Packaging Collage

{Friday’s Featured Session} Ellia




I wanted to share these with you what seems like forever ago, but they were a surprise gift for Christmas and I couldn’t spill the beans! Meet adorable, fun, intelligent little Ellia. At just four years old, she has the personality to make you leave with six-pack abs and sore cheeks from laughing so hard after spending the hour with her. Whatta doll!

Stacie Jensen Photography, LLC - FREE COLLAGE TEMPLATE