30 Day Challenge | Day 16, Balance


I started reading up on this last night, knowing I have been struggling the last few days with the challenges because they are so new to me. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to find some balance. My mom and I took a stroll to the local library for an hour or so and I just shot around. Got a few really cool pics (I’ll save those for another blog post) and  then headed home. I really tried to focus on getting balanced images but found that the majority of them weren’t just balanced, they were symmetrical. I pulled up in

30 Day Challenge | Day 15, Colored Water Drops



These challenges turn me into a MONSTER! With reading about it, learning it, and then doing it… some take me a few hours and it’s still not what I envisioned.

I originally tried this with glass from a picture frame, makeshift toothpick water dropper, and some flowers. FAIL.

Then I went outside and tried spraying down a plant and getting the sun to create color in the water drops. FAIL.

Came back inside, propped up my glass with about 30 boxes and used crayons as my subject. FAIL.

I was losing hope, and then said, “What the heck?” and ran outside to turn the hose on. Cranked my shutter speed higher than ever before and snapped away.

Today I realized I may have a vision, but sometimes it takes more practice than you can fit into 24 hours to make that vision come true. For now, I suppose I’ll settle with this image. But I’ll be back at a later date with my original idea in full force.


30 Day Challenge | Day 14, Light Painting



I am pretty sure each challenge gets a bit harder by the day. This one took me two hours and an entire memory card.

I read up on it. Light painting, huh? Sounds easy enough. People say it’s easy enough. Let’s give it a whirl!

Apparently I had no idea what I was doing even after the 50 billion articles I read, because I went outside with my trusty little flash light and a pinwheel and tried to make it work. I was shining light on the pinwheel and trying to blow it and was just getting blur. After trying that for about 15 minutes, I decided it wasn’t working and I went inside to read some more.

BAM! Light painting! That super awesome technique that I’ve seen in weddings with sparklers surrounding the bride and groom! THAT’ IT! So I put shoes and a coat on my 3-year-old and we went out to the back yard. I set up my camera on their play structure since I am lacking a tripod, and made it work. It wasn’t the best and I just wasn’t happy with the image. Plus, you know tired 3-yea-olds at 10:30PM… not the best listeners. I headed indoors and knew that I’d continue trial-and-error until I was satisfied with an image for the challenge.

I read some more. Oh, you can do this inside? I ran to my bedroom, shut the door, set up shop on my bed and had 13 seconds to do my thing with a light. It was a blur every time. Not focused at all. I was going insane so I enlisted the help of my oh-so-wonderful husband. I made him press the shutter button each time and I would try, adjust my settings, and try again. There just wasn’t enough room for my 50 1.4 to grab what I needed. Being the super cool hubbs he is, he threw out the idea of headed to our kitchen. Kendall, my 3-yer-old, turned the TV off to watch and we went at it until we got the above image. FINALLY! Mission: Completed.

30 Day Challenge | Day 13, Dynamic Tension



Accoring to Expert Photography, “Dynamic tension is a way of using the energy and movement available in various features of the frame to draw the eye out of the picture in contrasting directions. We’ve already looked at a variety of different lines that you can use in a photo to make it more interesting, but dynamic tension takes these lines and adds varying degrees of contrast between them, making them much more interesting.”

Having this be completely new to me, the above image is my interpretation of dynamic tension.

30 Day Challenge | Day 9, Bokeh




I love a good bokeh background. I try to shoot as wide open as possible in order to get that background as often as I can. I had originally taken two photos to use for today’s challenge, but then when Kendall struck a pose, I just had to shoot. And because my girls are my life, I had to use this photo instead. Here were my original images for today, though…



30 Day Challenge | Day 8, Sunset



I usually like to do my challenge in the morning, but since this challenge was sunset, I obviously couldn’t do it when I woke up. LOL So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Like, 14 hours. Nooooo, I’m kidding. I was busy all day so it wasn’t like I was sitting outside with my camera just waiting. Anyways, the view from my backyard is pretty bleck when discussing the sunset. And with two babies at home, it’s not very easy to pack up at 8:30PM and head off to the beach or something to photograph a sunset. I did my best and got a sun flare’d sunset. Not ideal for the challenge, but since the sun is technically setting, it still counts, right? 😉

I’ll work on getting a beautiful sunset shot this month and I’ll post it here.


First Shot at Food Photography



I love food. Always have, always will.

I had blackberries sitting in my fridge and decided it would be awesome to take pics to hang in my kitchen. So I borrowed a jar from a friend (thanks, Bri!) and set up shop on my treadmill. Yes, on my treadmill. I use it for running also, I swear! =)

Badaboom, a few photos for my kitchen. =)  But it made me realize how much I actually love photographing food.

Now I get to read tips and practice my food. Oh, you know, just combining two things I love. =)